Gavelo Los Angeles Leggings

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This model is inspired from our source of designs – the tropical concrete jungle that is Los Angeles.
The Gavelo logo in black is placed on the side of the right calf on a base of what could be either concrete cracks or a tattered newspaper.
You will find the name of the model on several places of the base which goes in the colors of black, grey and white.
It has a white waist with the words ”WE LIVE BY THE POWER” in pure black.

A comfortable and renowned fit for all kinds of body structures.
On the ladies model it has our much appreciated waist.

Our tights are made with a 73% rPET and a 27% Lycra blend.
The rPET is polyester made out of recycled PET-bottles.
This polyester has the least effect on our natural resources.
The Lycra is in the blend to give the fabric its comfortable stretch. You will experience a perfect fit thanks to one of the best materials on the market. It has a slight compression power and 360 degree stretch.
UPS 50+ sun protection.

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Gavelo Los Angeles Leggings
Gavelo Los Angeles Leggings
Gavelo Los Angeles Leggings
Gavelo Los Angeles Leggings